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Hello! I am Hannah and this is my kid Maverick!  We currently live in Fresno, CA. I was originally born in Chester, England. My first air plane ride was moving across the world from England to America. Growing up, I would travel back to England as well as take vacations with my family.  I have always loved travelling but most recently, I have found a new appreciation for the outdoors and nature. 


I rescued Maverick when he was 4 weeks old from a terrible cash-hungry backyard breeder. Because he was so young, I had to nurse him to sleep and was with him 24/7 for the first year of his life. We formed an unbreakable bond and the love we have is unconditional.  Maverick is a Siberian Husky. He is now 5 years old and still full of energy and spunk.  Maverick was the runt of his litter so he is a small Husky compared to most.  Maverick is always up for adventures, which is great for me!  

I decided to start this blog for therapeutic reasons mostly, but also I wanted to share my travel experiences with the World and hopefully inspire other people, especially women, to get out of the house and explore!  



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